So I took out time over the weekend to witness firsthand the empowerment program of Senator Ovie Omo-Agege who for some time has been engaged in the “Benevolent Act” of ensuring that the least amongst his constituents are financially assisted no matter how little. YES, you read me right, BENEVOLENCE!

I used the word “benevolence” because that’s exactly what any individual does when he or she decides to commit a certain portion of his or her personal finances to the benefit of others.

While some mischievous or rather ill-informed folks have tried without luck to taunt the Senator’s efforts by ascribing it to a subtle campaign tactics made only possible by sketchily utilizing a microscopic portion of his constituency development funds in organizing the empowerment program, for the thoroughly informed, such insinuation holds no water as it is in fact a matter of public consumption that the said Constituency Development Funds are not made available in cash to any Legislator hence the Senator couldn’t have had access to the direct management of such funds.

To this end, it is therefore safe to conclude that the monies used for the current empowerment program of petty traders across the numerous Markets in the Delta Central Senatorial District is provided for by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege from his personal Salaries and allowances as a Distinguish Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Now, back to the Cruz of the subject matter; we’ve got to give it up to the organizers of this empowerment program, I mean the brains behind this simple yet fulfilling program deserve to be commended as it is not only timely considering the current economic reality but also a first of its kind.

Amongst the numerous commendable points of this empowerment program, I am particularly more fascinated by the Transparency of the process. We all know the usual practice when it comes to empowerment programs, how party members, leaders and their cronies TAKES IT ALL but in this case, the sole beneficiaries were and are still simply Petty Traders, the market woman who deals on tomatoes & pepper, pure water hawking and other petty foodstuff. Many a time, the tray of goods of these petty traders is lesser than even #5,000. Words really cannot describe the joy of these women (old and young) in their hundreds as they get the white envelop of #20,000 from the Senator.

If the event witnessed by me on Saturday 12th of August 2017 was a make believe scenario then these women obviously had no business selling their wares in the messy environment of our markets under the rain and sun, they ought to be jumping in the commercial city of Lagos or serene environment of Abuja from one Nollywood audition to the other but then, only a heart of gratitude can be full of such appreciation and praises for his or her benefactor as I watched these women pray wholeheartedly for the Urhobo Senator who have thought it wise to share with them at a time like this in what he calls a “Thank You Visit”.

As my Urhobo People will say “Oruesefuyere!”

The People’s Senator has done well and deserves to be commended instead of criticism, especially unconstructive ones like the type peddled by some misguided folks from the other side. If you truly do not see how this empowerment program of petty traders by Senator Ovie Omo-Agege has helped to alter positively the economic state of these beneficiaries then you’re either economical with the truth or simply at loss with the economic reality of today. Either ways, you are not fit to speak objectively on the subject matter!

I am Ikpan Samuel Aaron!

I am proudly an Urhobo Son with an uncompromising support for my Senator because never has Urhobo Nation had it this good at either chambers of the National Assembly.

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